My Purpose

Change the rules of the Game to give anyone the opportunity to do great by doing good

  • Connect the dots and remove the trade-offs that exist to allow people who want to have a positive impact to thrive
  • Change the rules of a profession to re-purpose businesses/ brands to play a positive role
  • Create a level playing field for anyone to lift themselves up without relying on hand outs

About Me

Engineer meets FMCG Business/Brand Leader, Logical and creative, , Optimist meets Realist, Futurist starting today, Commercially & Socially driven….It is this duality & my experience that convinces me that is possible connect the dots, remove the trade offs and change the game to ensure day no one has to choose between doing great and doing good.

Originally from London and now living in Sydney, I transitioned from Engineer to Marketer and now through to General Manager at Unilever, leading and turning around a number of businesses and brands during that time.

During this time, both professionally and personally I have been focused on doing great by doing good including:

  • Setting up Young Leaders for Sustainability Network across 30 countries
  • Consulting/Mentoring e.g. Age UK, Fight for Peace, Unicef and the School of Social Enterprise
  • Internal & external masterclasses on Brands with Purpose & Sustainable Business models
  • Advocacy through key organisations One Young World. Marketing Academy, Conscious Capitalism & Humanity in Business
  • Currently a Director on Sustainable Business Australia


I am passionate to ensure that no one ever feels trapped between a choice of succeeding and making a positive impact and I am able to help any brand, business or individual looking to make a closer link between the two.


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